Managed Under Cloudscape Games Division

Status Currently on hold...

Description The Wings of Man video game will be told in a Visual Novel type of format that is very popular in Japan. This is intended to provide the individual with a unique narrative involving in-depth characters, an original world, action packed anime style cutscenes to enhance the story and a soundtrack fitting to its diverse world. Unlike traditional video games, this is mainly a 2D illustrated story based game. Think of it as a Graphic Novel, but with more features! This is also intended to be the companys first major title release! Unfortunately, the development of this Project is put on hold because the Novel for the game is what the game is based on. Due to this, the games development cycle will be similar to the development of the novels.

"Wings of Man" is a working title and also reflects its written novel counterpart.

Update: Once the 1st Novel is released to the public, development of the Visual Novel will begin.