Cloudscape Universe will be the flagship product which encompasses all of the content created and managed by Cloudscape Productions. In essence, it will become a customizable, versatile and flexible HUB for users who access Cloudscape's content.

Overview of Social Platform

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Overview of Social Platform

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About the Platform

In terms of customization, users will be able to change the layout of the platform with a number of options and themes available. Also, they will be able to change the typeface with a number of fonts available. Furthermore, they will be able to change their personal settings with the number of features provided. Essentially, users will be able to change the "look and feel" of their HUB.

In terms of versatility, the platform will have 2 methods of access suitable to the user's needs. The primary method will be the parent-platform that users can access via their desktop PC, or laptop. It will be the main HUB in which users can access content in the comfort of their home. The secondary method will be through specific mini-applications of the main HUB so users can access their content while away from the parent-platform (mobile applications). For example, a specially created application will be created for the Cloudscape Games division so users can only access content relevant to the division on their mobile device.

The example provided will be the direction Cloudscape will take towards the other divisions for the mobile industry because of the current advancements in mobile technology. Due to limited functionality in mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets compared to traditional devices such as desktop PCs and laptops, it would be ineffective to create the single parent-platform HUB for mobile devices (although I originally wanted this). This is because of 3rd party "interference" such as limited data plans by mobile carriers, technical specifications from device-to-device and so on. The best way to work through these interferences will be to create applications for each division's products and ensure that the mini-applications are always in sync with the parent-platform. This will provide consistency for the customer which would also provide easy methods of managing their content.

In Summary...

The Cloudscape Universe product will be a place in which users can manage (view, purchase, play, etc.) various entertaining content such as podcasts, books, movies, video games, TV shows, graphic novels and so on. Also, users will be able to keep what they purchase so they can build up a digital library of content. Cloudscape Productions is taking advantage of the advancements in computing technology to ensure that the user's digital library is accessible wherever they are. It is the goal of Cloudscape Universe to replace traditional forms of physical content with digital copies to ensure easy access for their leisure.

The above content was taken from my Business Plan.

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