Cloudscape Podcasts will define a new standard in the podcasting industry by creating a daily scheduled format to compete with terrestrial and satellite radio. In order to compete, Cloudscape Podcasts will recruit and employ individuals who are entertaining and humorous. Such individuals have already been located and they have a previous "career" of podcasting experience.

Overview of Podcasts Division

Professional Version

Overview of Podcasts Division

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About Barry Kirkey

Barry Kirkey is located in Toronto Canada and has previously recorded 4 "seasons" (over a 3 year period) of his podcast called The Barry Kirkey Radio Show. With minimal to no financial backing (he occasionally stated this during his podcast career); he attracted an audience of 1000-2000 listeners on a monthly basis. Also, the quality of his podcasts improved significantly in terms of crystal-clear-based audio and entertaining content. The content of his podcasts consist criticizing methods in the dating industry, Hollywood, pop culture and personal stories relating to his life. Cloudscape Productions considers Barry Kirkey a key factor for the Podcasts division due to his high work-ethic, honesty, integrity and dedication towards improving the quality of each podcast. With the help of Cloudscape Productions, Barry Kirkey can have the resources he needs to fully focus on creating worthwhile content for Cloudscape users.

About Allen Reyes

Allen Reyes was a frequent guest on The Barry Kirkey Radio Show who was also met with high praise by listeners. Eventually, he developed his own podcast called "The Witching Hour" which is now called "Witch60". Allen Reyes currently releases weekly recordings of his podcast. Similar to Barry Kirkey, Allen Reyes' podcast consist of personal stories relating to his life, occasional pop culture and criticism of the dating industry. Also, Barry Kirkey occasionally stated how he developed an "internet-friendship" with Allen Reyes. Their unique chemistry can contribute to content that enables them to stand out from the competition. Also, Barry Kirkey and Allen Reyes can collaborate to create specialized content for their listeners.

About Caesar Rubio

Caesar Rubio, the Founder and CEO of Cloudscape Productions, developed his own podcast called "The Brolo Show". The title "The Brolo Show" was originally based on the hosts Caesar and Skyler Rubio. Unfortunately, Skyler Rubio had to leave the podcast so Caesar Rubio was left to continue the show on his own. It may be possible that Caesar Rubio will leave the podcast in the hands of Skyler Rubio in the future due to Caesar pursuing other endeavors. Also, it may be possible that the name of the podcast will change but this has yet to be determined. Unlike the content provided by the aforementioned 2 individuals, Caesar focuses on the technology, mobile phone, social network and video game industry by discussing relevant news and criticisms around them. He created a year-long worth of shows (there was a 3-month hiatus due to hardware issues) labeled Season 1. Caesar had to postpone development of Season 2 due to plans of moving the podcast onto the Cloudscape Universe platform.

Scheduled Release of Content

The 3 individuals described above will make up the premiere format of the content provided by Cloudscape Podcasts. The planned format of the 3 podcasts will be Monday through Friday, around 8 to 10 hours each day. The planned schedule is as follows:

Barry Kirkey (BKRS): 4 Hours of Daily Content
Start Time: 6am - 10am
Alternative Start Time: 7am - 11am
Allen Reyes (W60S): 2 Hours of Daily Content
Start Time: 10am - 12pm
Alternative Start Time: 11am - 1pm
Caesar Rubio (TBS): 2 Hours of Daily Content
Start Time: 12pm - 2pm
Alternative Start Time: 1pm - 3pm

In Summary...

The above format consists of 8 hours of daily content (Monday-Friday) which effectively competes with terrestrial and satellite radio. With the combination of Cloudscape Universe and Cloudscape Ads, this can become a convenient way for advertisers and viewers (Cloudscape members) to access and view content.

Although the planned format above is one of the methods of competing with terrestrial and satellite radio, subscription-based content will be the key factor in leading the talk radio industry. Each of the hosts will plan to provide a "pool" of content for subscribers who want more entertainment out of the hosts. Extra content can consist of "Short Stories", "Best of Bits", "Audio Sketches", and so on. Each of the hosts can provide a tiered-package of content such as Basic, Premium, Deluxe, Complete, and so on. Each of these packages will have a set price per month allowing users to choose which content they'd like to pay for, with the option to upgrade at their leisure. At the very least, the daily recorded shows will always be free, but, like a typical radio show, will not be broadcasted after a 24hr period unless the subscription-package permits it (although a possible free alternative is in the works!). This type of format along with subscription-based content will allow Cloudscape Podcasts to stand out from its competitors in a unique way.

The above content was taken from my Business Plan.

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