Cloudscape Ads should be considered the main revenue stream for Cloudscape Productions. Also, it is an attempt to define a new standard in Advertising on the World Wide Web. Furthermore, it is to be used in parallel with the Cloudscape Universe product. On the Cloudscape Universe product, there are special sections in which 3rd party customers can purchase spots to use to promote their products. There are 16 different types of Advertisement Services provided with a number of incentive-based features planned to enhance each one.

Overview of Ads Division

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Overview of Ads Division

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About Todays Advertising Models

Traditional forms of internet advertising consist of various methods such as Cost Per Mille (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Affiliate Marketing. Cost Per Mille refers to a method in which customers pay the site hosting the Ad a certain fee for every thousand views per month. For example, if 5000 visitors access a website, advertiser pays the amount of $125 if the initial fee is $25 per 1000 views. Cost per Click and Pay per Click refer to what the advertiser pays when a visitor clicks on their Ad. For example, the initial cost of CPC and PPC is set at $25; even if the website attracts 1000 views but only 5 visitors click on the Ad, the advertiser pays $125 only for the 5 visitors who clicked on the Ad. Search Engine Optimization refers to the method of modifying specific content within a website such as images, words, videos, etc. in order to improve the website's ranking on search engines therefore, increasing the amount of visitors who access the site. This is can be used in combination with the CPM, CPC, and PPC models to increase the fees associated with each model. Affiliate Advertising refers to the method of profit sharing. For example, a website has an Ad which sells laptops, if a visitor clicks on the Ad and ends up purchasing a laptop; a percentage of the purchase is split between the advertiser and website entity (owner, group, etc.).

My "Perceived Issues" with Current Advertising Models

The issue with the aforementioned internet advertising models is that it can become complex to determine a fee for any particular website due to fluctuating visitors. Also, there is entry fees associated with CPM, CPC and PPC as well as fees associated with each model. With the CPC and PPC models, the term Click-through-Rate (CTR) refers to the number of website visitors who actually click on the Ads. This term cannot be certain due to unknowing the factual number of visitors relating to CTR. CTR is always an estimation and even though CTR is achieved, it doesn't guarantee product sales. The same can be applied to Affiliate Advertising as well. Basically, the factual numbers of website visitors and rates regarding which visitors click on an Ad is always unknown because the results change on a daily basis. The above methods of internet advertising are flawed in the eyes of Cloudscape Productions. As a result, Cloudscape proposes a simple method which hopes to effectively replace the aforementioned methods which it refers to as "Filtered Advertising".

My Innovative Method of "Filtered Ads"

Filtered Advertising refers to a method that allows users to select from a list of categories, Ads to view anytime they're accessing Cloudscape Universe. A few examples of categories are "Fashion & Apparel", "Video Games", "Household Supplies", and "Automobile Services". Cloudscape believes that by enabling users to select categories to view, they would be more enticed by the Ads themselves. Another feature relating to the Cloudscape Ads services is the ability to scroll through the available Ads. This feature would allow users to search for products that may appeal to them.

One of the many features that will help Cloudscape Ads stand apart from the rest of the advertising services is the 3 methods of duration display. As the advertiser enters the process of submitting their Ad to us, they are required to select from 3 methods of display: 7 Day, 14 Day, and 30 Day. 7 Day refers to the Ad being display for 7 consecutive days. The same applies to 14 Day display and 30 Day display. This makes it easy for advertisers to prepare for special events such as movie releases, holidays and so on. Furthermore, when filling the Ads approval process, they select what category fits their specific Ad. This will allow advertisers to create Ads specifically for the categories available.

Traditional forms of advertising consist of Banners, Texts and Videos. What Cloudscape wants to provide is over 16 variations of these forms. A few of the types are "Top Banner Ads", "Text Ads", "Link of the Day Ads", "Audio Ads", and "Smart Ads". Each of these Ads are formatted in a specific way and designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. One of the keys to become a "dominant player" in the advertising market is to provide Ads to viewers without affecting their access to content.

Another feature is the importance of pricing. There will be a set price for each type of Ad service selected. Unlike the CPC, PPC, and other traditional models of advertising previously described, Cloudscape will provide a pricing model which aims to attract advertisers due to its simplicity. This will prevent the need to determine a "new" pricing model relating to the number of Cloudscape Universe members, CTR, and so on. Also, this will prevent the "unknown" in terms of CTR and actual number of Cloudscape Universe members. Other advertising services cannot guarantee CTR or membership and Cloudscape does not attempt to change that. Cloudscape's job is to simply provide a method of displaying Ads on its products for simple prices to its viewers.

The features above are just a few methods of standing out from other advertisement services and are some of ways Cloudscape attempts to define a new standard in advertising. With the combination of innovative advertisement services and the content within Cloudscape Universe, a large amount of users will continually have access to the features provided. Also, it is with hope that the concept of Cloudscape Ads would retain advertisers and publishers due to its simplistic and unassuming nature.

The above content was taken from my Business Plan.

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